Scientists Unveil Alien Corpses To Mexican Congress

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A UFO investigator shocked lawmakers during a session of Mexican Congress, when he revealed the bodies of two ancient “alien” corpses.

Journalist Jaime Maussan presented Mexican lawmakers on Tuesday, when he presented them with two mummified bodies in window boxes.

The bodies, which he alleged to be non-human, were recovered from Cusco, Peru and have left experts baffled with their extreme similarities to the alien in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster hit “E.T.”

UFO News: Did Maussan Find Actual Aliens?

According to researchers the genetic composition of these corpses is 30% different than humans, suggesting they are not part of our terrestrial evolution.

“It’s the queen of all evidence,” Maussan stated. “That is, if the DNA is showing us that they are non-human beings and that there is nothing that looks like this in the world, we should take it as such.”

Carbon dating conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico revealed that the bodies are over 1,000 years old.

With three-fingered hands, no teeth, stereoscopic vision, and abnormally long skulls, these creatures defy explanation.

While the presentation has ignited excitement among conspiracy theorists, skepticism also surrounds this extraordinary discovery.

Unlike typical fossils, the specimens were coated in what appeared to be sand.

However, Maussan asserted under oath that these bodies were not found after a UFO wreckage, but rather in diatom mines and later fossilized.

Regardless of their origin, Maussan is certain that these intelligent beings lived among us and challenged humanity to reconsider history.

“We are not alone in this vast universe, we should embrace this reality,” he passionately declared.

The bodies showcased at the congressional session exhibit some humanoid features, but their retractable necks and elongated skulls bear similarities to birds, raising further questions.

The presenters revealed X-rays of the specimens, disclosing that one of them carried eggs with embryos inside.

They also mentioned the discovery of cadmium and osmium metal implants, with osmium being one of the rarest precious metals in the Earth’s crust.

Prominent figures in the unidentified aerial phenomenon orbit like Abraham Avi Loeb and Ryan Graves were in attendance at the session.

Loeb, the Director of the Harvard Astronomy Department, who attended digitally, urged for international collaboration in studying the specimens.

Graves, a retired director of the US navy and former navy pilot, testified to the U.S. Congress about UAP sightings and their impact on national security in July.

Seemingly as a result of the hearings, the US Department of Defense announced a new website that will provide declassified information on UFOs.

Despite the hype, Maussan’s testimony have been challenged by fellow researchers, who said his claims “make no sense.”

Scientist Alleges Latest UFO News Is Fake

Julieta Fierro, researcher at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, told ABC News that the higher learning institution did not endorse Maussan’s findings, and noted that technology more advanced than simple X-Rays would need to have been used to determine if the corpses were “non-human” in nature.

“Maussan has done many things. He says he has talked to the Virgin of Guadalupe,” she remarked. “He told me extraterrestrials do not talk to me like they talk to him because I don’t believe in them.”

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