Were The AI Robots At The Chargers-Dolphins Game Real?

Los Angeles Chargers Game

Who knew that AI robots were football fans? A group of AI robots invaded SoFi Stadium to watch the Los Angeles Chargers season opener against the Miami Dolphins and NFL fans were “spooked.”

The Dolphins beat the Chargers in 36-34 nail biter during Week 1 of the NFL, but it was a group of four creepy androids who stole the show on Sunday, Sept. 10.

What Were AI Robots Doing At SoFi Stadium?

As the crowd went wild, the AI robots, who were bald and wore matching grey jumpsuits, stonily watched as the Tua Tagovailoa-led Dolphins took the lead on third and goal with less than two minutes in the fourth quarter.

Fans were clearly startled by their appearance, with waxy-looking human looking faces that appeared to cover bio-mechanical parts which were exposed from the jawline to back of the head and down the neck.

The AI robots initially were present on the field, but sat in the stand for the duration of the game. They appeared to be Chargers fans, as they eventually were seen dressed in the home team’s blue and yellow jerseys.

What Did Fans Think About Watching The Game With AI Robots?

“I still can’t get over the Chargers having robots roaming around the stadium, the world we now live in is nuts,” one fan tweeted.

“Bro the Chargers have AI robot fans! This is crazy!” Another posted. “Are these the only Chargers fans out there?”

Were The AI Robots At The Chargers Game Real?

With the exponential rate that AI tools are infiltrating society, it’s not surprising that people were confused by their presence and if the androids were in fact real.

The answer was obvious to eagle-eyed movie fans, who were quick to point out that the AI robot’s jumpsuits were embroidered with “The Creator” over the chest pockets and across their backs.

“The Creator” is an upcoming sci-fi flick from “Rogue One” director Gareth Edwards, starring John David Washington, Madeline Yuna Voyles, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, and Ken Watanabe.

According to Screen Rant, the movie is about a future war between humans and the artificial intelligence powered robots that attended the game.

The film’s official Twitter account announced the promotion in a tweet that showed the androids on the field and a video of them blankly watching the game on the jumbotron.

“The future is here. AI robots have arrived at the Chargers and Dolphins game at SoFi Stadium,” the tweet read, encouraging viewers to buy tickets to the Sept. 29 on Fandango.

Shockingly, despite the reveal that the android’s appearance was just a publicity stunt, some people still believed that the robots were real.

“This is spooky: Robot #Chargers fans were at SoFi Stadium during the #Dolphins and #Chargers game as part of a promotion for a movie. Crazy how fast technology is advancing,” JPA Football wrote.

“You’re seeing it right, among the fans sitting at SoFi Stadium on Sunday with the Miami Dolphins game against the Los Angeles Chargers were a bunch of AI robots,” someone else freaked out. “2023 SUCKS!”

While technology is advancing rapidly and 2023 may indeed suck, the promotion happened in Los Angeles, which is the home of Hollywood and insane special effects.

For the record, the AI robots were actually actors wearing extremely detailed costumes.

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