These Not So Funny Animal Videos Are Too Close For Human Comfort

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Wild animals are best experienced from a safe distance, when humans get too up close and personal with untamed beasts, the consequences can be fatal. Luckily, everyone involved in these not so funny animal videos lived to tell the tale of their encounters with nature’s critters.

Mother Bravely Shields Son With Down Syndrome While Big Black Bear Devours Taco Picnic

A Mexican mother reacted with supernatural calm, when a picnic snatching bear leapt onto the table that she and her 15-year-old son were eating his birthday dinner at.

As the black bear gobbled up their feast of tacos and french fries, at Mexico City’s Chipinque Park, Silvia Macías sat statue still, shielding the face of her son, Santiago, who has Down Syndrome and is terrified of animals.

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