Woman Claims Breastfeeding Her Husband Has Brought Them Closer

Woman Breasfeeding

An American woman admitted to breastfeeding her husband daily, but insisted that it’s not because they’re being kinky.

Rachel Bailey, 30, shared in a YouTube video that she breastfeeds her husband, not only for the sake of intimacy but also for his health.

This unconventional practice began in 2017 and has reportedly brought them closer than ever before.

Due to the incredibly odd diet, she noticed that her partner Alexander, also 30, hasn’t suffered from an illness in years, and his skin is amazing.

Despite the taboo nature of the subject, which they claim is “not a kink for them, the couple wants to break the silence and highlight the positive effects it has had on their lives.

Alexander’s feedings began Rachel was experiencing an overabundance of breast milk while nursing their children.

She forgot her breast pump while they were on a cruise, which resulted in extreme discomfort and fear of infection.

In order to relieve her pain, they decided that Alexander would try drinking her milk.

“We were nervous about the idea of him breastfeeding from me but as soon as we did it, we realized it was perfectly fine,” she remarked.

Aside from the physical benefits, breastfeeding has created a “special bond” between the husband and wife.

At one point, after the mother of three had given birth, Alexander was consuming Rachel’s milk three to four times a day and even prefers it over cow’s milk now.

In addition to the bond and health benefits, Rachel discovered that her diet influences Alexander as well. If she eats something spicy, he experiences the same effects.

However, Rachel emphasizes that their children are always her priority, ensuring that they are fed first before Alexander consumes any remaining milk.

The couple openly discusses their breastfeeding routine on social media, and they have even appeared on TLC’s My Strange Addiction to share their strange story.

Rachel noted that she loves breastfeeding her husband and believes that it not only provides them with quality time together, but offers him nutrition benefits and an immune boost.

“He didn’t get a cold for two years after he started drinking my milk and so many people said his skin was so much better too,” she noted.

Now after six years, she has stopped nursing her youngest child and reduced her husband’s feedings to evening’s only.

“I am sad that our breast feeding times have reduced now because I feel like it has taken away our routine of those blocks of quality time that we had together,” Rachel lamented.

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