Influencer Can’t Open Mouth After Bad Lip Injections

bad lip injections

A TikTok influencer’s bad lip injections went catastrophically wrong, see the insane pics.

Unlike many influencers, Jessica Burko is at least upfront about the role cosmetic surgery has played in shaping her appearance.

She claims to have gotten lip fillers six times without a negative incident. However, her seventh procedure proved to be disastrous. 

Her lips swelled to an inhuman level. She described the experience in a TikTok video.

“I went to go get my lips done yesterday, and something bad happened,” she said before expounding upon the process of her lips continually swelling in size.

bad lip injections Jessica Burko
Source: Jessica Cailey Burko / TikTok

“The doctor was doing a giveaway. He did everything he was supposed to do… Immediately after he injected me, I looked in the mirror and realized how swollen I was… He prescribed me a steroid, and it just got worse.”

Free Giveaway = Bad Lip Injections

Jessica expressed regret towards seeing a new doctor, whom she only had perform the procedure because she won a free giveaway from his clinic. 

Apparently, her lips swelled because the doctor “hit an artery.” Thankfully, the next day, he was willing to dissolve her fillers for free.

“Never do free cosmetics,” she told her followers, though she clarified, “But also, don’t be scared to get your lips done.

Cosmetic Surgery: Not Without Risk Of Bad Lip Injections

The story of Jessica Burko is the tip of the iceberg in the vast world of plastic surgery disasters. Since its inception, celebrities have gambled with plastic surgery, and many have lost.

Michael Jackson is a perfect example of an objectively handsome individual whose attractiveness was marred by plastic surgery.

CBS News described Jackson’s augmentations as “a whittled-down nose, lightened skin, an unnatural cleft in the chin, a chin implant, lip augmentation, and God knows what else.”

Despite the horror stories associated with it, plastic surgery is projected to only grow more popular with time.

In recent years, cosmetic surgery has risen in popularity, in part due to its becoming more cost-effective and therefore more accessible to the masses.

Factor in that some of today’s most popular influencers are offered cheap procedures in return for promotion, and it’s no wonder that so many people are seeking these permanent treatments for what they perceive to be bodily flaws. 

Of the seemingly endless options for body modifications, lip augmentations are in particularly high demand.

However, if one is considering this procedure, they must be sure they are going to a trustworthy surgeon, as evidenced by today’s story.

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