Influencer Documents His Mass Marriage to 10 Women


Emmanuel Lustin, a New York-based masseur, rose to fame because of the sensually explicit massage videos that he posts to social media. He has recently made headlines for his unusual wedding ceremony, in which he married 10 different women at once. 

Did Emmanuel Lustin Actually Marry These Women?

Lustin posted to social media a nine-second clip that depicted himself alongside 10 scantily clad women posing in front of an oceanside gazebo. In a voiceover, he stated, “So today I married my 10 wives.”

While some commenters were impressed by Lustin’s marriage, others expressed disapproval: “That’s crazy and I’m over here struggling with 1,” one commenter said.

Another commenter remarked, “He hasn’t reached the find out stage yet but he will!!!” to which Emmanuel replied, “I prefer they find out there’s real love out there that puts them first.”

Of course, Lustin’s “marriage” is purely symbolic, as in the United States, one cannot be legally married to more than one person.

Emmanuel Lustin Explains His Philosophy

While critics of Lustin have been quick to label him a misogynist, he vehemently asserts that this is not true. On the podcast Dirty Street Confessions, he speaks on his career as a sensual masseuse.

“My whole get was, I’m trying to do it for women. I’m trying to show women, like, this is what y’all deserve. This is what women deserve… from men, from whoever,” he said.

“It’s what y’all deserve: rose petals, flowers, all of that, candles, nice comfortability. You know I mean? It’s about you, like, females come first.”

Is Polygamy Still a Common Practice?

Photo Credit: Alan Caishan via Unsplash

Polygamy, or, the act of one man having multiple wives, is no longer as prominent as people like Lustin may wish. Because it was common during Biblical times, some religious extremists have been attempting to revitalize the practice.

In some Mormon sects, for example, men can be “sealed” to multiple wives, who cannot be sealed to multiple men. (In this case, the word sealed refers to a marriage-like relationship that is not legally binding).

The Mormon Church banned polygamy in the early 20th century, but because the lifestyle is explicitly advocated for in Mormon scriptures, many members continue to push back on this new(er) rule. Supporters of polygamy even successfully appealed to the state of Utah to decriminalize the practice in 2020

Much to the dismay of certain Mormons, however, a federal appeals court quickly criminalized polygamy in Utah once again.

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