FBI Accused of Massive Coverup After Allegedly Seizing $500 Million Worth of Buried Civil War Gold

Great Kentucky Hoard

A prominent treasure hunter leveled serious accusations against the FBI, claiming that they orchestrated a major coverup by secretly taking possession of $500 million worth of Civil War gold.

Dennis Parada claims he discovered a burial site in western Pennsylvania’s Dents Run, filled with valuable treasures from the Civil War.

After notifying authorities about his findings, the FBI conducted their own tests and confirmed the presence of significant amounts of precious metal below the surface.

In 2018, the FBI excavated the site but said that there was no gold to be found.

However, Parada and his son Kem, who jointly operate the treasure hunters firm Finders Keepers, insist that the FBI made off with the gold in a clandestine nighttime operation, denying them a substantial finder’s fee.

Warren Getler, co-author of “Rebel Gold,” who assisted Parada in identifying the site, has concluded that the FBI did, in fact, seize the treasure under cover of darkness, supporting Parada’s claims of a “major coverup.”

Parada and his son filed a lawsuit against the FBI last year, alleging that the agency has withheld certain records and altered photos to conceal evidence of their nighttime excavation.

They contend that numerous eyewitnesses saw the FBI working late at night in the area and reported seeing armored vehicles in the area.

In May of last year, the FBI was compelled to release records and nearly 1,000 photos from the dig to the father son treasure hunting duo.

Interestingly, the records revealed that the agency contacted Wells Fargo to find out of the bank shipped gold to the U.S. Mint in 1863, but the bank was unable to determine if it happened, due to incomplete records from the time period.

The FBI denied that their excavation operation yielded any treasure . “No gold or other items of evidence were located or collected. The only items the FBI removed from the site were the equipment and supplies brought in for the dig,” a statement said.

Recently, a cache of 700 Civil War era gold coins were found on a farm in Kentucky. The collection, which has been dubbed the “Great Kentucky Hoard” includes a variety of U.S. Gold Dollars, $10 Liberty coins, and $20 Liberty coins.

Some of the coins are extremely rare and come with six-figure price tags, which will likely net the unidentified owner millions of dollars.

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