Woman Simultaneously Attacked By Venomous Snake And Hawk

Hawk flying with a snake in its talons

A Texas woman had a chilling encounter with two wild animals while mowing her lawn on Tuesday.

A venomous snake fell onto her arm and wrapped itself tightly around the limb while she was driving her tractor in the backyard.

As she desperately tried to free herself from the snake’s grip, a hawk swooped down and viciously attacked both the snake and her.

The terrifying incident left her bloodied and bruised, but thankfully, she managed to survive the harrowing ordeal.

Peggy Jones, 64, told KPRC-TV that when the snake dropped out of the sky and attached to her arm, she instantly tried to get if off, but the animal retaliated by holding on tighter and repeatedly striking at her face.

To her horror, or possibly luck, a brown-and-white hawk came out of the sky and zeroed in on the snake.

“The snake was squeezing so hard and I was waving my arms in the air,” she told the local news outlet.

“And then, this hawk was swooping down clawing at my arm over and over. I just kept saying, ‘Help me, Jesus! Help me, Jesus!’”

The hawk attacked the snake and her right arm four times, before successfully yanking the reptile off and flying away.

The bird of prey left behind deep talon wounds from the repeated strikes and Jones took off running towards her house to alert her husband.

“I was yelling and screaming. He didn’t know what I was saying,” Jones recalled. “I thought I was bit by a snake.”

They rushed to the hospital and Jones was treated for the gashes and bruising on her arm, but thankfully not a snake bite.

She was extremely lucky to be wearing glasses at the time of the attack, because she discovered snake venom coating her broken lenses after the ordeal.

Despite the harrowing incident, Jones has already been back on her tractor, though had her husband keep an eye out for falling snakes and hungry birds of prey during her first ride.

People have told her the dual attack must mean she’s the unluckiest person alive, but Jones disagrees entirely.

“I feel like the luckiest person alive to have survived this!” She exclaimed.

“I think that was God’s way of letting me live because I couldn’t figure out a way — the snake was not letting go of my arm,” she said in an interview. “I just feel thankful that I’m alive.”

According to Insider, the hawk likely had captured the snake and unintentionally dropped it on Jones while flying off to eat it.

“It fell on the woman and hung onto her because this was a panicked, injured animal,” Rattlesnake Solutions owner Bryan Hughes commented. “Then the bird swept down to finish what it started.”

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