Watch UFC Champ Chase Man With A Flamethrower

UFC Fight in cage

A UFC champion Sean Strickland made headlines after a video surfaced of him chasing a man with a flamethrower.

Strickland, who recently claimed the middleweight champion title by defeating Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 last weekend, shocked the world with his bizarre behavior outside of the cage.

The video, uploaded to Instagram by Hans Molenkamp, an employee of Monster Energy, captured the wild incident.

In the footage, Strickland can be seen wielding the flamethrower, with Molenkamp jokingly captioning it, “I love the smell of burnt hair in the morning.”

The footage showed Strickland light up the flame thrower and chase Molenkamp through a professional gym as he scampered away.

Molenkamp yelped as he got burned by the fire spewing apparatus, while Strickland and whoever filmed the video laughed.

“You f–king singed the s–t out of me, man,” the slightly barbecued Monster staffer complained as he examined his right arm.

In a close-up of his heavily tattooed extremity, Molenkamp showed the cameraman his newly missing arm hair.

“Smell that, you burned [me],” he told an unapologetic Strickland as he strutted back in the gym with the flame thrower powered off.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident, as Strickland only had the flamethrower in his hands for a few moments.

The video is the latest incident to highlight the newly minted champion’s inclination towards peculiar behavior.

Days after Strickland beat Adesanya by a unanimous decision, he revealed in another Instagram post that he had already broken his championship belt and had resorted to fixing it with duct tape.

The gold plate of the belt had partially detached from the leather, and Strickland’s solution was to use duct tape to secure it back together.

While unconventional, Strickland seemed pleased with his handiwork, stating, “Good as new.”

His Instagram post, showcasing the duct-taped belt, included the caption, “Is it just me or did this belt just become way better?”

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