Group Of Medical Students Expelled After Celebrating Win Against Rivals By Jerking It On Court

Women's volleyball players in a match.

Shocking footage has emerged of a disgusting game winning celebration that saw a group of male students fondling themselves in unison after their female volleyball team beat out university rivals.

A group of male futsal team members, a type of indoor soccer played on hard court, from Santo Amaro University (UNISA) stormed the volleyball court in a disgusting display.

The incident, which took place in April at São Camilo University, recently came to light after footage of the strange event was made public and went viral over the weekend.

Spectators witnessed the male UNISA players lower their pants to their ankles on the sidelines as their school’s women’s volleyball team celebrated their championship victory.

In an alarming turn of events, the naked men charged onto the court, handling their genitals as they paraded around the home gym of the losing team.

The vulgar act left both the volleyball players and the audience in the stands shocked and disturbed.

The Santo Amaro University administration took swift action, expelling six students involved in the incident.

Their names remain undisclosed, but more are likely to follow as at least 25 men could be seen engaging in the behavior in the video footage.

UNISA released a statement strongly repudiating the behavior and calling it contradictory to the institution’s history and values.

According to Ministry of Education boss Camilo Santana, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who is in New York at the United Nations General Assembly, has been made aware of the situation.

“A disgusting, unacceptable episode, the behavior of young people who are at the university, who intend to be doctors and take care of people,” Santana remarked.

“I vehemently repudiate what happened. It is unacceptable for future doctors to act with such disrespect for women and civility.”

Santana gave the Santo Amaro University administration a 15-day deadline to determine appropriate measures to address the situation.

The Ministry of Women also condemned the deplorable display and pledged to work alongside the Ministry of Education to ensure the country’s colleges are free from violence and misogyny.

“Breaking centuries of a misogynistic culture is a constant task that requires a careful look at all types of gender-based violence,” the reportedly said in a statement.

“Attitudes like that of medical students at Unisa can never be normalized — they must be combated with the rigor of the law.”

An investigation into the students involved has been initiated by the São Paulo Civil Police.

Their actions could mean turning in their white lab coats for prison uniforms, as the offense carries a potential sentence of three months to one year in prison.

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