Watch Half-Naked “Witches” Get Caught Munching Deer Carcass On Nature Cam


36 year-old Powell River, British Columbia-based nurse Corinea Stanhope recently stumbled upon a deer carcass in her garden. Being a nature lover, she set up a surveillance camera to observe its decomposition and find out what predators would take interest in the dead animal. What she found when she reviewed the footage was as disturbing […]

Cargo Container Containing $15 Million in Gold Goes Missing

Canadian police are currently investigating the disappearance of an air cargo container hosting nearly $15 million in gold and other rarities. It vanished from the bustling Toronto Pearson International airport on Monday, April 14.  Peel Regional Police Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn claimed at a press conference that an aircraft carrying the cargo arrived in the early […]

Six Cows Found Killed in Texas: No Known Perpetrator or Motive

In April of 2023, ranchers in Texas discovered six dead cows, all of whom had their tongues cut with what authorities described as “precision.” Two of the cows had their anuses and “external genitalia” removed. Police are baffled as to the perpetrator’s identity, as well as their motive for committing such a heinous act. Did […]