Watch Half-Naked “Witches” Get Caught Munching Deer Carcass On Nature Cam


36 year-old Powell River, British Columbia-based nurse Corinea Stanhope recently stumbled upon a deer carcass in her garden. Being a nature lover, she set up a surveillance camera to observe its decomposition and find out what predators would take interest in the dead animal.

What she found when she reviewed the footage was as disturbing as it was unexpected.

What Footage Did Stanhope’s Camera Capture?

“Me and my grandpa put up a trail camera to see if we could see animals, and we got a bobcat [on camera], which was pretty cool,” Stanhope said. Further into the footage, two scantily-clad figures approach the carcass and begin playing with it in a manner that resembled eating.

“You can’t really tell from the photos, but the hoof was brought right up to her mouth,” she said. “I don’t know if she was kissing it, smelling or eating it, but to touch a decaying carcass like that makes me feel sick: the amount of bacteria that must have been on there.”

Stanhope expressed hope that the figures were simply pulling a morbid prank or were “on some good drugs.” Because the footage did not depict any illegal activities, she decided against contacting the authorities.

Theories as to Who the Figures Were

Source: Vladyslav Kuznietsov via Unsplash

Even Stanhope believes that there is a possibility that the figures are pranksters. Another common theory is that they are practicing “witches” participating in a bizarre ritual. (Why they would do this in front of a camera, however, is unknown.)

Of course, there are some whose imaginations run wild with possibilities, commenting on social media that the figures are likely demons or skinwalkers.

For those unaware, in Navajo folklore, a skinwalker is “a malevolent, shapeshifting witch with supernatural power. Navajo stories, for instance, say that a person becomes a skinwalker by committing a heinous act, like taking the life of a family member.”

Despite skinwalkers being the stuff of legend, many people in the present day claim to have encountered them

Evidence That the Figures Were Pranksters

The most damning evidence that the figures were pranksters is the fact that they appear to be in disguise.

“It looks like they have wigs on,” said Stanhope. “One looks like she has blonde hair underneath.”

Of course, this begs the question, how did these people know that Stanhope would be filming? Was Stanhope herself involved? While we wait for this case to be cracked, these are questions worth pondering.

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