Six Cows Found Killed in Texas: No Known Perpetrator or Motive

In April of 2023, ranchers in Texas discovered six dead cows, all of whom had their tongues cut with what authorities described as “precision.” Two of the cows had their anuses and “external genitalia” removed.

Police are baffled as to the perpetrator’s identity, as well as their motive for committing such a heinous act.

Did the Perpetrator Leave Any Evidence?

Among the six slaughtered cows, the perpetrator’s sole consistencies were the removal of their tongues “with no blood spill,” as well as straight, precise cuts to remove the hides from one side of the cows’ mouths.

Each of the six cows was from a different pasture and herd, and each was found in a different location along the state highway close to Brazos, Robertson, and Madison counties.

Authorities noted that the grass around the carcasses seemed undisturbed, with no nearby footprints that could help to identify the perpetrator. 

As of now, the causes of death of each cow remains unknown. 

What Is a Possible Motive for the Decapitation of Six Cows?

While obviously no motive has been proven, some suspect the frightening possibility that the perpetrator is a soon-to-be serial killer, decapitating the cows as some sort of training exercise. This is evidenced by the sheer brutality of the killings, as well as the precision with which the cows were cut.

This would be historically consistent with the behavior of serial killers, as cruelty towards animals is often seen as an early warning sign of one’s proclivity to inflict pain upon humans. For example, David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy were all known to torture animals prior to becoming serial killers.

Of course, this suspicion is not a sure fire premonition that a serial killer will soon be invading Texas. 

Another Recent Case of Cattle Slaughter

The occurrences in Texas are not the only recent instances of mysterious cattle deaths. In December of 2022, investigators in Colorado were baffled after dozens of cattle unexplainably died.

Near the remote town of Meeker, Colorado, around 40 cows were found dead under mysterious circumstances. While wolves were initially blamed for the killings, only five of the cows showed signs of a wolf attack, prompting some to suspect that the animals were infected by a deadly bacteria, possibly at the hands of humans.

Carter Niemeyer, former U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services district supervisor, suspected that the cattle may have died due to brisket disease, that occasionally causes heart failure in cattle in high-altitude environments.

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