18 Year-Old Swan Killer Smiles During Arrest

Last Memorial Day weekend, three teens kidnapped a mother swan and her four babies from Manlius swan pond in Manlius, New York. They proceeded to kill and eat the mother swan, Faye.

Who Kidnapped the Mother Swan and Her Babies?

Eman Hussan, 18, was arrested alongside his two accomplices, publicly unnamed 16 and 17 year-olds. In a video capturing Hussan’s arrest, he can be seen smiling at the camera, showcasing his lack of remorse for the situation.

According to friends and family of Hussan, he and his accomplices did not know Faye was a swan, instead believing that she was a large duck. They did not eat her babies—called cygnets—because they were planning on raising them as pets. 

Authorities believe that the motivation behind the killing was not lack of food. At the time of the incident, Hussan had a hunting license and most likely viewed the crime as an exhilarating hunt. 

How Were Hussan and His Accomplices Caught?

After a press release on the missing creatures, police received tips that led them to two of the babies at a business in Shop City Plaza in Salina, New York. From here, police obtained search warrants and were able to track down the other two babies.

As of now, Hussan has been released and is set to appear in court on June 15 on charges of grand larceny and mischief, as well as criminal trespassing. 

The Aftermath of the Crime

Because swans are monogamous, Faye’s mating partner Manny will most likely become permanently combative in response to losing her. In fact, he has been removed from the pond and put in the care of a biologist, named Mike Bean, until a safe location for him is found. 

Bean will also care for the four cygnets for the next four weeks, as they are not old enough to survive in the wild without the aid of their mother.

Manny’s Grief Process Mirrors That of Humans

Source: Belinda Fewings via Unsplash

According to Bean, Manny has already begun to show signs of aggression in response to losing his partner. When the aggression phase ends, he will likely begin to mourn, during which time he will become despondent. 

During this typically three-month period, some swans even cease eating and drinking, leading to their deaths. 

Manny is currently 18, which means he is nearing the end of his reproductive years. It is unlikely that he will mate again.

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