The 5 Top Rated Boob Shapes According To Science

New York University researchers recently set out to determine what is, according to both men and women, the ideal size and shape of breasts.

They asked 1,000 people to rate photos of over two dozen breasts.

From here, they established commonalities in people’s ratings, finding that the most common preferences were for “moderately sized” breasts with more volume concentrated in the area above the nipples than below.

Other qualities that were generally viewed favorably were nipples that were closer together, as well as perkiness. Surprisingly, however, breast size did not significantly influence people’s ratings.

Some Specifics Regarding This Bizarre Study

The researchers used images of the breasts of women who had had consultations for plastic surgery between 2009 and 2019. Every photograph was of a different 47 year-old woman.

1,021 people were shown these images, and 52% of these people were women. 

On average, the breasts scored 2.5/5, with the five best breasts scoring 3.1/5.

The fact that the “best” scores were still considerably low showcases that, even though there existed some commonalities in people’s attractions, the participants’ opinions were quite divided. 

What Exactly Is Gained From Conducting a Study Like This?

While this study certainly fulfills one’s morbid curiosity, it was conducted with a purpose in mind.

The researchers were led by plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Bekisz, who sought to determine the most common perceived attractive qualities in breasts as a means to best serve those seeking plastic surgery.

However, according to Bekisz, the findings were “perhaps reflective of the wide variations in personal preferences and the way individuals determine what they find attractive.”

The Breast Augmentation Is No Longer the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

Source: Philippe Spitalier via Unsplash

Despite the fact that in the United States alone, 600,000 women go in for breast-related surgery annually, breast augmentation has recently been usurped as the planet’s most popular cosmetic surgery. 

According to newly published data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction is now more popular.

In fact, liposuction, or, the use of suction to remove excess fat, made up 14.8% of cosmetic surgeries performed globally, while breast augmentations made up 13%.

Some researchers believe that less women are getting breast implants due to increased knowledge of the risks associated with the procedure. 

In October of 2021, the FDA announced a series of new regulations regarding breast augmentations.

These regulations include the requirement for breast implant manufacturers to include boxed warnings of the implants’ risks, as well as the requirement for surgeons to provide patients with a checklist outlining potential risks of the procedure.

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