“The Best Video Evidence of Bigfoot” Resurfaces


The search for Bigfoot is a quest that has for decades preoccupied the minds of conspiracy theorists everywhere. Thought to be the missing evolutionary link between humans and our apelike ancestors, Bigfoot, also called the Sasquatch, is a cryptid whose popularity spiked in the late-’60s, following the release of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Film.

Said to depict a Sasquatch walking alongside California’s Bluff Creek, the Patterson-Gimlin film has been met with intense scrutiny, with a costume designer Phillip Morris even claiming that he designed the Sasquatch suit used in the film.

Still, Bigfoot aficionados have long contended that the Patterson-Gimlin film is the ultimate source of evidence of the bipedal cryptid’s existence. But other alleged Bigfoot footage may for them be even greater proof.

Alleged Video of Bigfoot Enthrall Fans

Eight years ago, Josh Highcliffe posted a video to YouTube that he claimed depicted a Sasquatch roaming the Mississippi woodlands. 

Filmed nine miles west of Tunica, the footage depicts a massive apelike creature pulling bark off the trunk of a tree. The clip then goes dark, at which point Josh narrates that he was so frightened by the sight that he accidentally stopped recording.

He resumes recording, showing that the creature is still pulling bark off the tree. Suddenly, the recording becomes shaky, and Josh’s breathing becomes heavier.

In an interview with LadBible, Josh claimed, “It was like everything slowed down…  was scared! I took out my iPhone and started videotaping it.

“I heard a truck driving down the road, and the thing stood up! I was trying to be dead quiet… When it stood up, I could not control myself and ran.”

The Best Evidence of Bigfoot?

One YouTuber left a comment underneath Josh’s video, which read, “Honestly, this is probably the best footage [of Bigfoot] ever recorded.”

If this is indeed the best footage of Bigfoot available, enthusiasts will simply have to do better if they intend to prove the creature’s existence. Like all other alleged footage of the beast, the quality of Josh’s footage is blurry, especially considering that it was filmed on an iPhone only eight years ago.

Also, the creature depicted is standing so far from the camera that it would be impossible to determine whether or not it is merely a man in a suit.

While it is certainly fun to entertain the notion of cryptids, the fact that the only “evidence” of their existence are blurry footage and shady eyewitness accounts, they—Bigfoot included—are likely not real.

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