“The Best Video Evidence of Bigfoot” Resurfaces


The search for Bigfoot is a quest that has for decades preoccupied the minds of conspiracy theorists everywhere. Thought to be the missing evolutionary link between humans and our apelike ancestors, Bigfoot, also called the Sasquatch, is a cryptid whose popularity spiked in the late-’60s, following the release of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Film. Said to […]

Study Determines What States Are Safest in the Event of an Alien Invasion

alien invasion

With three ex-military officials recently testifying before Congress that the government may have classified information on UFOs, conspiracy theorists’ ever-present fear of an alien invasion is more prominent than ever. If aliens were to invade Earth, your chance of survival may be dependent on your geographic location: that is if you trust data collected by […]

Harvard Professor Believes He Has Found Fragments of Alien Tech

avi loeb

Harvard professor and theoretical physicist Avi Loeb is convinced that he may have discovered fragments of alien technology amongst the remnants of a meteor that landed in the ocean alongside Papua, New Guinea in 2014. Why Does Avi Loeb Believe That the Meteor Fragments Were Alien? Harvard professor Avi Loeb on what he believes he […]

Not a Conspiracy: The US Military Almost Nuked the Moon

10 years prior to the moon landing, the US military had the bizarre idea of detonating a nuclear bomb on the moon, according to unclassified Air Force documents.  Why Did the US Military Want to Nuke the Moon? US government report proposed nuking the moon, newly released documents reveal https://t.co/aSTMeHmbhK pic.twitter.com/Xoi4Om43qP — SPACE.com (@SPACEdotcom) April […]