Study Determines What States Are Safest in the Event of an Alien Invasion

alien invasion

With three ex-military officials recently testifying before Congress that the government may have classified information on UFOs, conspiracy theorists’ ever-present fear of an alien invasion is more prominent than ever.

If aliens were to invade Earth, your chance of survival may be dependent on your geographic location: that is if you trust data collected by online casino NJ Casino, who conducted a “study” that determined what states in the US are most likely to survive an alien invasion. 

How Did NJ Casino Conduct This “Study”?

The so-called researchers at NJ Casino considered a number of factors when determining a state’s safety in the event of alien invasion. These factors include population density, number of UFO sightings, presence of law enforcement, and landscape. (For example, a state sprawling with caves would provide citizens more protection against roaming extraterrestrial killers.)

The casino determined that Virginia is the absolute safest place to be if aliens invade, as it has the “largest military force per capita.” Coming in second place was Georgia, mainly due to its lack of previous UFO sightings. 

Conversely, an alien invasion poses the greatest threat to residents of Nevada, as the state has a vast history of previous alien sightings, as well as a lack of caves in which people can hide.

Is an Alien Invasion Something to Actually Worry About?

Photo Credit: Julia Borges via Unsplash

Considering that there are tangible threats to the livelihood of Earth, readers who value their sanity are advised to not add the possibility of an alien invasion to their list of worries. 

Even Avi Loeb, Harvard physicist and perhaps the most prominent UFO proponent in academia, had the following to say regarding an alien invasion.

“They are much more advanced than us. They will not try to attack us… If we are visited it is probably mostly by technological equipment that has artificial intelligence, not necessarily biological creatures. And they have their own agenda. It has nothing to do with us.”

He continued: “We keep thinking about ourselves as being at the center of attention, but that’s very narrow-minded.”

Still, some—whether malicious or delusional—are capitalizing off of an irrational fear of alien invasions. Take, for example, a self-proclaimed time traveler who made a bogus claim that aliens had already arrived on Earth and subsequently abducted 8,000 people.

Through their trolling, this poster has amassed 518.4k followers on TikTok. And while the majority of this user’s audience sees the posts as dumb fun, there are certainly some who take the predictions very seriously.

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