San Francisco Residents Are Getting It On In New Driverless Taxis

Man getting in a robot taxi

Robotaxi passengers in San Francisco are increasingly using the new driverless vehicles for unconventional and boundary-pushing sexual experiences during their trips.

According to multiple ridesharers who got around the city using the General Motors owned robotaxi startup Cruise, getting it on inside the autonomous vehicles has become popular pastime among residents of the city.

A millennial customer named Alex shared his naughty personal experiences with the San Francisco Standard.

He recounted a particular incident where the robotaxi’s windshield became completely fogged over due to increased temperature generated by his scandalous behavior, which in any other vehicle would have been a real issue for a driver.

Alex stated that he has engaged in at least six separate explicit activities during three different rides, taking advantage of the absence of restrictions and regulations drivers typically imposee on passengers.

“There’s no one to tell you, ‘You can’t do that,’” he remarked.

Alex further elaborated that the range of fun activities he performed inside the robotaxi varied from make-out sessions to more boundary-pushing endeavors.

One of his partners reportedly joined him on a driverless trip in nothing but a robe.

“It gets to the point where you’re more and more and more comfortable, and if you’re with someone, like a more serious partner, it can escalate to other activities,” Alex commented.

He noted that the knowledge that San Francisco is among the pioneers in offering such experiences with autonomous vehicles in the country makes him feel like a “trailblazer.”

“It’s also fun to realize that this is like the first place you can do this in the country — the first [autonomous vehicles] that exist,” Alex concluded.

While driverless taxis may be the trendy next-best-thing to a hotel room, they’re deployment has certainly not been all fun and games.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a fleet of approximately 10 driverless Cruise cars caused a traffic jam in San Francisco on the same day the state approved the expansion of these autonomous vehicles in the city.

The cars reportedly faced “wireless connectivity issues,” which led to a blockage of two narrow streets in the restaurant district.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the driverless cars remained stationary for at least 15 minutes with their hazard lights on before resuming their journey when they reconnected.

Cruise acknowledged the incident and stated that they are actively investigating the cause of the connectivity issues and working on solutions to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

The San Francisco police reportedly attributed the connection problems to the large number of people attending the Outside Lands music festival at Golden Gate Park, which strained the city’s wifi system.

During a text message conversation between San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin and a Cruise government affairs manager, it was revealed that the remote capabilities of the company were hindered by the poor connectivity, preventing the cars from being rerouted.

To prevent future traffic jams, Cruise told the city that its considering of building its own cellular network.

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