Dad Discovers Copperhead Snake In His Baby’s Stroller

copperhead snake

A Tennessee father recently had a shocking encounter when he discovered a copperhead snake had made its way into his baby’s stroller.

The incident occurred after Tyler Maidlow had taken his nine-month-old daughter Ava Grace for a walk.

In a video shared by his wife, Autumn Maidlow, Tyler can be seen visibly shaken by the ordeal. He explained that the snake was coiled up on the edge of the stroller and struck at him as he walked by.

Fortunately, the baby was not in the stroller at the time of the incident. Tyler quickly handled the situation by killing the snake with a shovel.

How did the copperhead snake get into the stroller?

According to Maidlow, her husband had left the garage open while taking their daughter for a walk, allowing the snake to slither onto their property unnoticed.

Upon his return from the walk, Tyler entered the garage to retrieve something from the car and was faced with the poisonous snake.

The couple was understandably shaken by the encounter but relieved that they had discovered the intruder before placing their baby girl in the stroller for her next outing.

Maidlow shared a picture of the copperhead in the stroller, which unnervingly showed the creature nestled alongside her daughter’s doll and blanket. Despite the scare, the family is grateful that no harm came to their daughter.

Rattlesnakes take over Arizona garage

In another snake scare, a pest controller was called in to remove 20 rattlesnakes in an Arizona garage.

The homeowner had called a rattlesnake solution team after spotting adult snakes and their babies and unsuccessfully trying to drive them out.

Pest controller Marissa Maki was filmed using a grabber tool to collect the mother snake and safely place her in a bucket.

The venomous rattlesnake removal became especially challenging when she discovered hidden baby snakes deep within the crevices of the garage.

“That’s a lot of snakes. That’s crazy – I’m not gonna lie this is crazy,” Maki commented in the video.

Maki diligently dealt with the rattlers, enlisting a large pair of tweezers to reach the hidden babies within the garage’s crevices.

Maki ended up releasing the rattlesnakes into vast open areas of Arizona’s desert. A final headcount revealed the presence of two mother snakes, three additional adults, and fifteen babies.

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