El Chapo’s Sons Brutally Tortured Enemies, Fed to Tigers

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is one of the most feared drug lords in history. In the criminal underworld, only the most unforgiving and ruthless people are able to climb the ladder, and El Chapo possessed those qualities in droves, never afraid to resort to torture or even murder to ward off his competition. It would […]

Six Cows Found Killed in Texas: No Known Perpetrator or Motive

In April of 2023, ranchers in Texas discovered six dead cows, all of whom had their tongues cut with what authorities described as “precision.” Two of the cows had their anuses and “external genitalia” removed. Police are baffled as to the perpetrator’s identity, as well as their motive for committing such a heinous act. Did […]

Inmate Escapes Prison by Simply Walking Out

When one thinks of prison escapes, what most likely comes to mind is an event like the Alcatraz prison escape of 1962, which involved an elaborate scheme that most would have thought to be impossible to pull off. However, the subject of today’s story bypassed the planning stage and simply walked out. How Did a […]

Researchers Believe We Could Make Alien Contact by 2029

Conspiracy theorists have long speculated that human contact with aliens has already occurred. And while there is still no official confirmation of such a thing happening, these UFO enthusiasts may at least have something to look forward to.  A recent analysis of deep space radio waves sent from Earth has researchers from the University of […]

Young Girl Unearths Rare Viking Treasure

Victorio Peak Gold Treasure update 2023

Recently, a young girl accomplished the dream that most metal-detecting hobbyists spend decades chasing: Using her metal detector, she found nearly 300 silver coins that are over a millennium old. The coins were buried nearby a Viking fortress site in northwestern Denmark.  The artifacts are slated to be displayed at the North Jutland Museum.  Where […]

Creature Dubbed ‘The Loch Ness Monster of New Orleans’

The Loch Ness Monster of New Orleans 3

In early April, 2023, a New Orleans preschool called Early Partners posted an Instagram video depicting an unidentified aquatic creature, swimming in a lagoon in City Park. It was dubbed “The Loch Ness Monster of New Orleans” by the media. It was seen by Kim Frusciante—one of Early Partner’s founders—while she and her family were […]

Influencer Can’t Open Mouth After Bad Lip Injections

bad lip injections

A TikTok influencer’s bad lip injections went catastrophically wrong, see the insane pics. Unlike many influencers, Jessica Burko is at least upfront about the role cosmetic surgery has played in shaping her appearance. She claims to have gotten lip fillers six times without a negative incident. However, her seventh procedure proved to be disastrous.  Her […]

NASA Discovers ULX 10 Million Times Brighter Than the Sun

ULX galaxy

According to a new NASA study, astronomers have recently discovered an ultraluminous X-ray source (ULX) whose mere existence breaks a physical law called the Eddington limit. How Did NASA Astronomers Discover This Baffling ULX? Observations published in The Astrophysical Journal state that NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR)—which observes the universe in X-rays—recently detected a […]

How a Dominos Pizza Receipt Led Police To The Person Who Killed Brandon Felton

Brandon Felton

Even the most seasoned criminals sometimes overlook the evidence they leave behind, which is what happened during the murder of Brandon Felton. Subtle, everyday clues have often been all that were needed to lead police to killers, who may very well have thought they had successfully outsmarted the law.  The criminal covered today, however, was […]