The Disappearance of Kenny Veach and the Search for the M Cave

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Kenny Veach’s 2014 disappearance has become fodder for some of the internet’s most reaching conspiracy theorists. How could Veach, supposedly an experienced hiker, vanish without a trace within a mountain range he had traversed many times before? Where was the so-called “M Cave” he was so obsessively seeking? 

Without a shred of evidence pointing to Veach’s whereabouts, we can only guess his fate. Today, we’d like to take a look at the facts regarding this case and determine the most logical answer to the question, “Where is Kenny Veach?”

Who Is Kenny Veach?

Veach was 47 years old when he disappeared while hiking in Sheep Mountain, located approximately 40 miles north of Las Vegas and 40 miles south of Area 51. Solo hiking was Veach’s favorite pastime. He would often record his hikes and post them to his YouTube channel “snakebitmgee,” where he had a modest following. 

Veach was confident to a fault, supposedly never bringing a compass or GPS with him on his hikes. In YouTube comments, it was not unusual for him to make boastful proclamations like, “I solo hike across mountain tops that most people wouldn’t dare go. I have been in more caves than I can count. I play with rattlesnakes for fun.”

In another comment, he said, “I have been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years. I hike over mountain top after mountain top and sleep on peaks under the stars. Sometimes I have to scale giant cliffs to get myself out of a jam, but I always make it back.”

It was one particular comment, however, that marked the beginning of Veach’s downfall.

The So-Called “M Cave” And How Does It Relate To Kenny Veach

On another user’s video—entitled “Area 51 Technician’s Son Discloses Secret Alternative Energy”—Veach left the following comment.

“That ain’t nothing. I am a long distance hiker. One time during one of my hikes out by Nellis Air Force Base, I found a hidden cave. The entrance to the cave was shaped like a perfect capital M. I always enter every cave I find, but as I began to enter this particular cave, my whole body began to vibrate. The closer I got to the cave entrance, the worse the vibrating became. Suddenly I became very scared and high-tailed it out of there. That was one of the strangest things that ever happened to me.”

Perhaps doubting the validity of Veach’s claims, users encouraged him to go back to what was now being referred to as the M Cave, this time recording his excursion to prove the cave’s existence. Not one to simply talk the talk, Veach attempted to do just that, posting the video “M Cave Hike” roughly two months before his disappearance. In the video, he ventures to Sheep Mountain in an effort to relocate the mysterious cave, eventually calling off the search. 

“I could not relocate the cave,” he says in the video’s conclusion. “I found a tarantula, a tortoise, and a ram. But I could not find the cave.”

Kenny Veach Goes Missing in the M Cave

Kenny Veach
Source: Facebook

If you read the comments on “M Cave Hike” now, you’ll see overwhelming support for Kenny Veach. However, prior to his going missing, commenters were not so kind. He was accused of making up the story of the M Cave for attention, and his inability to relocate it did not help his case.

On the morning of November 14, 2014, Veach left for Sheep Mountain, once again hoping to relocate the M Cave. Unfortunately, he never returned. A massive search was organized to find him, but aside from an abandoned cell phone, no trace of him was ever found. 

Before long, the internet was rife with outlandish theories of what happened to Veach. Of course, the mountain range’s close proximity to Area 51 only fueled these bizarre ideas. Perhaps, some suggested, the M Cave had actually been a top secret military base that housed alien life. Had Veach stumbled upon something he shouldn’t have and consequently been killed by the CIA? A surprising number of people seemed to believe so.

Sheryon Pilgrim’s Statement about Kenny Veach and The M Cave

Kenny Veach found

About two years after Veach’s disappearance, a woman named Sheryon Pilgrim left a lengthy comment on the “M Cave Hike” video. Claiming to have been Veach’s girlfriend, she revealed great insight as to what was going on with Veach during the time he went missing.

“I want you to know that I do not think Kenny had an accident,” she said. “I believe he committed suicide. He battled depression for many years and would not take medication or see a doctor. He quit his job a little more than a year before he disappeared… as his money decreased, he became more and more depressed.”

Have a look at Sheryon Pilgrim’s channel, and you will see never-before-posted videos of Veach. Her claims to have been his girlfriend therefore seem legitimate.

If Pilgrim’s theory is true, one is left to wonder whether or not the M Cave ever even existed. Perhaps Veach couldn’t handle the fact that commenters were seeing through his boasts. This, coupled with his apparent money problems, may have pushed him to take his own life. Still, though, it is odd that his body was never found, even after an extensive search and rescue mission.

Was Kenny Veach Found?

The disappearance of Kenny Veach remains an integral piece of internet lore. Many still choose to believe in the existence of the M Cave and whatever secrets it may hold. A number of YouTubers have explored Sheep Mountain themselves in search of the cave, and some have even claimed to have found it.

Comments on these videos showcase the enthusiasm that people still have for the case. In spite of all the signs that point to Veach dying in the mountains, there is still optimism amongst conspiracy theorists that he will be found. As bizarre as it is, it is through them that his legacy lives on.

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