Woman Who “Rose From the Dead” Dies One Week Later

In June, 2023, a real-life Twilight Zone episode took place in Babahoyo, Ecuador: Bella Montoya, a 76 year-old woman who had been pronounced dead, regained consciousness at her own funeral. An Ominous Knocking on Montoya’s Coffin Bella Montoya knocked on her coffin at her own funeral after being declared dead in an Ecuador hospital. https://t.co/e04x2cnJJm […]

Can Falling Into a Black Hole Transport You to Another World?

Amidst the chaos of everyday life, it becomes easy to forget that we are but a tiny speck in an infinite universe, which is full of terrors that we cannot even begin to imagine. Black holes, or, places “in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out,” are perhaps the […]

The 5 Top Rated Boob Shapes According To Science

New York University researchers recently set out to determine what is, according to both men and women, the ideal size and shape of breasts. They asked 1,000 people to rate photos of over two dozen breasts. From here, they established commonalities in people’s ratings, finding that the most common preferences were for “moderately sized” breasts […]

Human DNA Found in Air? What This Means for Forensics

As forensic technology has advanced throughout the years, scientists have gained the ability to collect human DNA and detailed genetic data from even the most minute sources. For example, last year, murderer David Sinopoli was arrested for an incident that occurred in 1975: Authorities used a disposed-of coffee cup to collect his DNA. Recently, researchers […]

Near-Death Experiences Not as Life-Altering as Some Believe?

Near-death experiences are most often described as life-changing at best, traumatic at worst. However, a new study has found that patients who experienced brushes with death may not have been as moved by the events as one would expect. What Are the Details of This New Study of Near-Death Experience Survivors? Dying sucks even more […]