Man Rigs House With Indiana Jones-Style Booby Traps To Avoid Eviction

house with booby traps

In 2018, 66 year-old Williams, Oregon resident Gregory Lee Rodvelt lost his home in a lawsuit. Because he refused to leave, he was visited by authorities, who were greeted by a sign in front of the house stating that it was protected by “improvised devices.” What “Improvised Devices” Were Rodvelt’s Sign Referring To? Oregon man […]

Investigation Group Believes the Zodiac Killer Has Been Identified

The identity of the Zodiac Killer—a serial killer who operated mostly in San Francisco during the late 1960s—has long been the subject of speculation, as, at the time of his crimes, forensic science was not nearly as sophisticated as it is today. Factor in the fact that he was undeniably intelligent, creating complex ciphers as […]