Investigation Group Believes the Zodiac Killer Has Been Identified

The identity of the Zodiac Killer—a serial killer who operated mostly in San Francisco during the late 1960s—has long been the subject of speculation, as, at the time of his crimes, forensic science was not nearly as sophisticated as it is today. Factor in the fact that he was undeniably intelligent, creating complex ciphers as a means to tease authorities, and the Zodiac was unfortunately never caught.

But while the Zodiac may have never faced the consequences for his crimes, investigators believe that they have finally, almost 60 years later, identified the criminal.

A Zodiac Killer Suspect “Secretly Listed” Since 2016 

Thomas Colbert is an investigative journalist and leader of the non-profit volunteer group Case Breakers, which seeks to solve cold cases that authorities have largely moved on from. He claims that an FBI whistleblower confirmed to his team that Gary Francis Poste, an Air Force veteran, had been “secretly listed” as a suspect since 2016.

“The felon has been secretly listed as the Zodiac ‘suspect’ in headquarters’ computers since 2016, with his ‘partial DNA’ safely secured at the feds’ Quantico, Virginia lab,” Colbert’s group said.

Colbert’s Team Fires Shots at Zodiac Investigators

A composite sketch of the Zodiac Killer
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Seeing as Case Breakers are merely independent researchers who do not have access to private records regarding the case, many are skeptical as to the accuracy of the group’s accusations. In 2021, the FBI denied that Poste was for certain the Zodiac, reiterating to the public that the case remains open. 

According to Case Breakers, however, the FBI is merely trying to cover up the fact that they mishandled the case, ignoring evidence that pointed to Poste.

The group even claimed that the Zodiac had a sixth victim named CHeri Jo Bates, whose death the FBI denied being attributed to the killer.

Evidence of Poste’s Involvement

By now, you’re likely wondering, what evidence connects Poste to the killings? Unfortunately, it is generally circumstantial.

Near one of the victims’ bodies lay a wristwatch believed to have belonged to the killer. It was splattered with paint. Poste was a house painter by profession.

Heel prints found near multiple Zodiac victims were from “military-style boots” consistent in style and size with those worn by Poste.

At the time of one of the killings, Poste was getting a check-up at a medical facility 15 minutes from the scene of the crime.

Unfortunately for investigators, Poste died in 2018, making it impossible to question him amidst Case Breakers’ supposed revelation.

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