The Somerton Man Identified: A Major Breakthrough in the Baffling Case

In our article ​​”3 Secret Codes No One Can Crack,” we spoke extensively on the Somerton Man case. It is a case that has stirred the imaginations of sleuths across the globe, with many believing that it is simply beyond solving. Well, while questions still remain, a man named Derek Abbott recently solved a vital […]

The Ghosts of Disneyland: the Most Haunted Place on Earth?

Bearing the “happiest place on Earth” tagline, Disneyland is a worldwide symbol of escapism. However, the theme park has a legacy that’s even more disturbing than its price gouges, long lines, and blistering heat. Apparently, it’s haunted. The ghosts of Disneyland are said to belong to people who have died at the park (a surprisingly […]

The Real-Life Men in Black: Fact or Fiction?

If extraterrestrials have indeed visited the Earth, why is there no definitive proof beyond eyewitness accounts and the occasional blurry photo? Perhaps it’s because of the men in black. They are supposed government, or possibly even alien, agents whose sole mission is to suppress the truth about otherworldly beings. Today, we’ll try to make sense […]

The Case of Mary Reeser: Is Spontaneous Human Combustion Real?

Spontaneous human combustion, or, one’s bursting into flames with no external ignition source, is thought by scientists to be nothing but a myth. However, from as early as 1641, there have been supposed accounts of the phenomenon. Perhaps the most famous story regarding spontaneous human combustion is that of Mary Reeser. Today, we will take […]

Kempton Park Hospital, South Africa’s Creepiest Abandoned Building

There’s a certain poignancy to abandoned buildings. What memories were made within those walls? What circumstances led to the building’s vacancy? Today, we’ll take you on a tour through one of the world’s creepiest abandoned buildings, South Africa’s Kempton Park Hospital. While many toss around rumors that the hospital is haunted, the true horrors of […]

The Story of the Heaven’s Gate Cult

On March 26, 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 people in a rented San Diego, CA mansion. Dressed in matching black sweat suits and Nike sneakers, it was clear that they had committed ritualistic suicide. They were members of the Heaven’s Gate cult. The cult has since become known as the first cult to […]

The Phoenix Lights, One of History’s Most Notorious UFO Sightings

On the night of March 13, 1997, thousands of Arizonans reported seeing UFOs, the incident since becoming known as the Phoenix Lights. While the truth behind the event has yet to be proven, it has become the most notorious case of UFO sightings since Roswell. Whether the UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin or not, it […]

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste, aka the Ghost Ship

On December 5th, 1872, a Canadian Brigantine—a two-masted sailing ship—called the Del Gratia was sailing 400 miles east of the Azores, an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. Crew members noticed another ship drifting in the distance. Attempts were made to contact the ship, all of which failed. So the captain of the Del Graita decided to […]

What Is the Jersey Devil and Where Did Its Mythology Come From?

In the vast world of cryptids, the Jersey Devil is not nearly as well-known as, say, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. However, to those who claim to have seen it, it has inspired a sense of terror that is not as commonly associated with the aforementioned creatures. Said to be the spawn of Satan […]

Is Avril Lavigne Dead? The Avril Lavigne Imposter Conspiracy Explained

Avril Lavigne performing in 2008

Best known for her 2002 singles “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi,” Avril Ramona Lavigne is a Canadian pop singer who rose to fame at the age of 16. With career accolades that include five top-ten hits, three platinum albums, and eight Grammy Awards nominations, she has distinguished herself as a seminal figure in pop. But what […]