Job Listing by UK Zoo Asks Applicants to Dress as Giant Birds

Lancashire, England’s Blackpool Zoo recently posted a bizarre job listing that has made headlines across the globe. Because seagulls have been consistently reported to be stealing food from both zoo visitors and animals, Blackpool Zoo has decided it is in need of a designated “seagull-scarer,” someone to dress in a cumbersome bird costume and chase away the bothersome seagulls.

Applications for the “Seagull Deterer” Position Have Been Flooding In

This humorous job listing has apparently awakened within many people a dream that they never even knew they had. According to the zoo, they have been receiving applications from people as far as Australia, India, Uganda, and even Ukraine.

Some applicants even sent the zoo “audition videos,” featuring themselves in bird costume, cacawing in a manner that they may in real-life to ward off seagulls.

Currently, five positions are available, each starting at £10.80 an hour.

A New Approach to an Old Idea

In the past, attractions have utilized other birds of prey to ward off seagulls or pigeons. For example, in 2013, at tennis tournament Wimbledon, hawks (who are predators of the aforementioned birds) were deployed to fend off the feathered nuisances.

In 2019, Worcester’s local government even proposed a “seagull-proofing” of the city, which would include “replacing eggs, erecting bunting to prevent swooping gulls, painting roofs red to deter nesting and removing open-topped bins from the city centre.”

However, these methods were deemed illegal by Worcester City Council.

As ridiculous as Blackpool Zoo’s job listing is, it is perhaps one of the most humane ways to deal with the pesky seagulls.

To the Blackpool Zoo, This Position Is No Joke

While zoo officials admit that the seagull deterrer job listing is on the surface humorous, they are dead set on finding fitting candidates to fill the position.

The listing requests that applicants be “outgoing” and “comfortable wearing a bird costume.” It also points out that seagull deterrers will mostly be working in dining areas. Yes, as guests eat, they will get to watch as a person dressed as a giant eagle chases seagulls.

In a cheeky Tweet directed at former Late Late Show host James Corden, the Blackpool Zoo said, “We hear you’re headed back to Blighty and are interested in our seagull deterrent position? We think you’d be ace at it if you want to come and give it a go… from what we saw on @latelateshow last night, the costume would really suit you too!”

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