Father and Son Film Thier Terrifying Stay at a Creepy Clown Motel

clown motel

Travel-oriented YouTube channel Through My Lens recently uploaded a video entitled “24 Hours at the Scariest Motel in America (The Clown Motel),” in which channel owner Josh and his father explore the infamous Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. The Clown Motel describes itself as “America’s scariest motel.” Featuring spooky clown-themed rooms and a clown museum […]

Priceless Artifacts Stolen From Museum in Historic Heist

heist british museum

British authorities are currently on the hunt for criminals behind a historic heist of the British Museum. Priceless treasures—including jewelry, gems, and precious metals—that span 3,400 years of history were stolen from the museum over a long period of time. Despite a museum staff member being fired over the heist, so far no arrests have […]

Criminal Used AI-Generated Voice of Child to Scam Parent

ai voice scam

The advent of AI-generated voices has raised many concerns amongst the public. People can possibly use this technology to scam or frame others for crimes. Today’s story is a particularly heinous case of scamming that embodies everything AI detractors fear. Earlier this year, Arizona resident Jennifer DeStefano received a call that altered her life. The […]

Meet Mexico’s First Female Serial Killer, A Granny Murdering Wannabe Wrestler

Juana Barraza

From the late ‘90s to 2006, an estimated 16 elderly women were murdered by a then-unknown assailant in Mexico City, Mexico. The killer was dubbed La Mataviejitas (The Little Old Lady Killer) by the Mexican media, who were especially critical of law enforcement’s seemingly lazy response to the high-profile case. However, police weren’t well-equipped to […]

New Book Links Jackson Pollock’s Death to His Involvement in Cult

jackson pollock

Jackson Pollock, whose paintings are still divisive within the art community to this day, died in an automobile crash in 1956. According to the official story, he had been intoxicated and angry that two of his girlfriends—both of whom were around half his age and in the car with him when he died—had wanted to […]

Couple Terrorized By Adopted Six-Year-Old That Might Be An Adult With Dwarfism

natalia grace

The public story of Natalia Grace Barnett began in 2010, when she—supposedly a Ukrainian orphan—was adopted by Indiana couple Michael and Kristine Barnett. They believed her to be six years old, suffering from a rare form of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (SEDc). However, the Barnetts came to believe that Natalia was not who she […]

16 Bodies Found in Chicago River and Lake Michigan: Serial Killer?

chicago serial killer

With the bodies of six different women being found in Portland within the last few months, fear of serial killers is understandably rampant on social media. In Chicago, the signs of an active serial killer are even more glaring. Since the beginning of last year, the decomposing bodies of 10 men and six women have […]

Man Rigs House With Indiana Jones-Style Booby Traps To Avoid Eviction

house with booby traps

In 2018, 66 year-old Williams, Oregon resident Gregory Lee Rodvelt lost his home in a lawsuit. Because he refused to leave, he was visited by authorities, who were greeted by a sign in front of the house stating that it was protected by “improvised devices.” What “Improvised Devices” Were Rodvelt’s Sign Referring To? Oregon man […]

Bodies of Six Women Found in Portland. Police Deny Serial Killer Rumors

serial killer portland

In the last four months, the bodies of six women have been found around the greater Portland, Oregon area. Social media has been ablaze with rumors that these deaths are the works of a serial killer, a notion that the Portland Police Bureau has dismissed. ​​“These discussions have led to some anxiety and fear in […]