“The Best Video Evidence of Bigfoot” Resurfaces


The search for Bigfoot is a quest that has for decades preoccupied the minds of conspiracy theorists everywhere. Thought to be the missing evolutionary link between humans and our apelike ancestors, Bigfoot, also called the Sasquatch, is a cryptid whose popularity spiked in the late-’60s, following the release of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Film. Said to […]

Prominent Bigfoot Theorist Claudia Ackley Found Dead


One of the world’s most popular Bigfoot hunters Claudia Ackley has died at the age of 51. According to her partner Ed Brown, her body was discovered in her Tennessee home last weekend. Authorities suspect that she died of a heart attack. She is survived by her two daughters. What Made Claudia Ackley Such a […]

The Patterson-Gimlin Film: A Hoax or Evidence of Bigfoot?

A Bigfoot figurine in a forest

The sasquatch—nicknamed Bigfoot—is undoubtedly the most iconic cryptid of all time. This bipedal, apelike monster supposedly roams the forests of North America, appearing only to a lucky few. To enthusiasts, the creature is the missing evolutionary link between apes and humans. To all else, it is a fixture of pop culture, a sort of meme […]