Recently Unearthed “Horror Bunker” Housed Torture During World War II

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Government-backed experimentation on unwilling participants is not limited to the US’s MKUltra. Recently, near the city of Anda, China, archaeologists discovered a World War II-era bunker that was used by Japanese scientists to conduct depraved experiments on humans. What Is the So-Called “Horror Bunker”? WWII ‘horror bunker’ where Japanese experimented on humans uncovered in China […]

The Hitler Diaries Hoax: How a Petty Thief Fooled Historians

Alongside works like the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife, the purported diaries of Adolf Hitler are among history’s most notorious hoaxes. Penned by convicted thief and Nazi sympathizer Konrad Kujau from 1981 to 1983, the diaries were purchased by German news outlet Stern for 9.3 million Deutsche Marks ($3.7 million). But how did Kujau manage to […]

Book Reveals How The Titanic Was Doomed Before Setting Sail

James Cameron’s 1997 hit film Titanic thrust a tragic piece of history into the pop culture lexicon. It is no surprise that the majority of people’s knowledge of the event comes from the film. However, the story features a plethora of interesting facets that are known only to history buffs. In his new book The […]