The Hitler Diaries Hoax: How a Petty Thief Fooled Historians

Alongside works like the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife, the purported diaries of Adolf Hitler are among history’s most notorious hoaxes. Penned by convicted thief and Nazi sympathizer Konrad Kujau from 1981 to 1983, the diaries were purchased by German news outlet Stern for 9.3 million Deutsche Marks ($3.7 million). But how did Kujau manage to […]

The Patterson-Gimlin Film: A Hoax or Evidence of Bigfoot?

A Bigfoot figurine in a forest

The sasquatch—nicknamed Bigfoot—is undoubtedly the most iconic cryptid of all time. This bipedal, apelike monster supposedly roams the forests of North America, appearing only to a lucky few. To enthusiasts, the creature is the missing evolutionary link between apes and humans. To all else, it is a fixture of pop culture, a sort of meme […]