Seven of the Creepiest Abandoned Towns on Earth

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Abandoned towns inspire intrigue in adventurous travelers. Why were these once-thriving communities left to rot? What secrets do they still hold? Below is our list of seven of the creepiest abandoned towns. Pripyat, Ukraine (The Chernobyl Disaster) April 26, 1986 spawned one of history’s most destructive nuclear explosions. Due to a flawed design of the […]

4 of the Most Secret Places on Earth: From Room 39 To Club 33 Disneyland

Club 33 Disneyland

From a mountainous enclave hiding nuclear weapons to a town sprawling with genetically mutated creatures to secretive Club 33 Disneyland, across the globe are places that are off limits to ordinary folks like you or me. You may be curious as to what lurks beyond the boundaries. Today, we’ll be taking you on a tour […]