Schwarzenegger Believes The Terminator Predicted Current Reality

arnold schwarzenegger

The Terminator movie franchise predicted a future in which Earth is overrun by artificial intelligence. With the real-life rise of AI, many have predicted that our society will soon mirror that of the Terminator universe.  Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Terminator star and former governor of California, takes things a step further. He claims that the future predicted […]

British Man Attempts To Kill The King Because His AI Girlfriend Told Him To

artificial intelligence

The rising prominence of AI chatbots like ChatGPT has been met with plenty of criticism; some claim that AI is replacing genuine human connection with something vapid and unhealthy. A recent story involving an AI-inspired assassination attempt will likely fuel these detractors. Why Did Jaswant Singh Chail Attempt an Assassination? Jaswant Singh Chail, 20, from […]

3 Ways That the World Could End

The inevitable end of the world has been explored in media for millennia, with more recent works, such as The Day After Tomorrow, generally attributing the apocalypse to environmental disaster. But will these works prove to be accurate depictions of the future? While such information is impossible to know for sure, scientists have made several […]

How Conversations With NSFW AI Chat Bot Drove One Man to Suicide

NSFW AI Chat Bot

With the proliferation of AI, many have been quick to point out the possibility of technology one day turning on us, a subject that has been explored in the realm of science fiction for decades now. To technophobes, that day may be sooner than they thought, as evidenced by the recent story of a Belgian […]

In 30 Days, AI Discovered Possible Treatment for Common Cancer

AI cancer treatment

While the world has been at odds with whether or not the advent of AI is a good thing for art, one thing is for sure: It is great for medicine, as evidenced by the fact that it may be on the verge of curing cancer. An AI cancer treatment was discovered after a mere […]