Stolen Truck Coincidentally Crashes Into Secret Serviceman’s Car

If, hypothetically, you find yourself driving a stolen vehicle, one of the worst things you can do is crash it. This will exponentially increase the chances of authorities tracking you down down. An even worse thing you can do is crash it into a member of the US Secret Service’s personal car in Washington D.C. 

The above-scenario, while fantastical, actually occurred last week. 

A Stolen Truck Carrying… Pizza Dough?

According to Public Information Officer Lt. Paul Mayhair, “Shortly before 3pm, a box truck that was reported stolen collided with a personal vehicle operated by a Secret Service Uniformed Division officer at the intersection of 19th St. and Virginia Ave.”

The aforementioned box truck was full of trays of pizza dough balls, and the collision turned the street into a doughy mess. 

While the crash did not injure the Secret Service agent, the driver of the stolen truck sustained injuries that landed him in the hospital. The media has not currently reported the status of his injuries or the motive behind the hijacking of the vehicle.

Witnesses to the event informed authorities that a second person may have been in the food truck.

The Situation Could Have Been a Lot Worse

Despite one person (the assailant) sustaining injury, the pizza dough truck situation is darkly comical in its absurdity. However, other incidents involving the crashing of stolen cars have proven to be far more tragic.

For example, in April, a 13 year-old in California was chased by police while driving a stolen car. His erratic driving led to his crashing into two other vehicles. As a result, one person died at the scene, and another, a four year-old girl, died days later. The crash also led to the injuries of about a dozen others. 

As of now, no additional details have been released regarding the case. 

Car Thefts on the Rise: Does TikTok Contribute to This Serious Crime?

According to USA Facts, the number of US car thefts rose in 2022. Some believe that this is related to the popular social networking app TikTok.

Car manufacturer Hyundai even went as far as to blame the increased thefts on a “coordinated effort on social media,” referring to a group called the “Kia Boys,” who made numerous TikTok videos demonstrating how to start Kias and Hyundais with a USB charger, essentially teaching viewers how to steal cars.

In response, car companies have issued software updates that supposedly make their vehicles more difficult to steal.

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