Has the CIA Discovered a Way to Time Travel?

time travel

According to a 40-minute video published by the Why Files, the CIA and Russian scientists may have discovered a method by which one can travel through time. Of course, much of the information is highly classified, but what we do know is that Kozyrev mirrors may be the key to time travel. What Are the […]

Criminal Used AI-Generated Voice of Child to Scam Parent

ai voice scam

The advent of AI-generated voices has raised many concerns amongst the public. People can possibly use this technology to scam or frame others for crimes. Today’s story is a particularly heinous case of scamming that embodies everything AI detractors fear. Earlier this year, Arizona resident Jennifer DeStefano received a call that altered her life. The […]

Harvard Professor Believes He Has Found Fragments of Alien Tech

avi loeb

Harvard professor and theoretical physicist Avi Loeb is convinced that he may have discovered fragments of alien technology amongst the remnants of a meteor that landed in the ocean alongside Papua, New Guinea in 2014. Why Does Avi Loeb Believe That the Meteor Fragments Were Alien? Harvard professor Avi Loeb on what he believes he […]

Schwarzenegger Believes The Terminator Predicted Current Reality

arnold schwarzenegger

The Terminator movie franchise predicted a future in which Earth is overrun by artificial intelligence. With the real-life rise of AI, many have predicted that our society will soon mirror that of the Terminator universe.  Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Terminator star and former governor of California, takes things a step further. He claims that the future predicted […]

The FAA Approves Fully Electric Flying Car

Flying Car

A new flying car might be the answer to avoiding bumper-to-bumper traffic in the near future. The Federal Aviation Administration has granted certification for testing to a California startup, Alef Automotive, for their vehicle that can drive on the road and jet-set in the air. The vehicle, known as the “Model A,” is the first […]

Human DNA Found in Air? What This Means for Forensics

As forensic technology has advanced throughout the years, scientists have gained the ability to collect human DNA and detailed genetic data from even the most minute sources. For example, last year, murderer David Sinopoli was arrested for an incident that occurred in 1975: Authorities used a disposed-of coffee cup to collect his DNA. Recently, researchers […]

Researchers Believe We Could Make Alien Contact by 2029

Conspiracy theorists have long speculated that human contact with aliens has already occurred. And while there is still no official confirmation of such a thing happening, these UFO enthusiasts may at least have something to look forward to.  A recent analysis of deep space radio waves sent from Earth has researchers from the University of […]

NASA Discovers ULX 10 Million Times Brighter Than the Sun

ULX galaxy

According to a new NASA study, astronomers have recently discovered an ultraluminous X-ray source (ULX) whose mere existence breaks a physical law called the Eddington limit. How Did NASA Astronomers Discover This Baffling ULX? Observations published in The Astrophysical Journal state that NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR)—which observes the universe in X-rays—recently detected a […]

How Conversations With NSFW AI Chat Bot Drove One Man to Suicide

NSFW AI Chat Bot

With the proliferation of AI, many have been quick to point out the possibility of technology one day turning on us, a subject that has been explored in the realm of science fiction for decades now. To technophobes, that day may be sooner than they thought, as evidenced by the recent story of a Belgian […]