Woman Simultaneously Attacked By Venomous Snake And Hawk

Hawk flying with a snake in its talons

A Texas woman had a chilling encounter with two wild animals while mowing her lawn on Tuesday. A venomous snake fell onto her arm and wrapped itself tightly around the limb while she was driving her tractor in the backyard. As she desperately tried to free herself from the snake’s grip, a hawk swooped down […]

7 of the Creepiest Abandoned Towns on Earth

Abandoned towns inspire intrigue in adventurous travelers. Why were these once-thriving communities left to rot? What secrets do they still hold? Below is our list of seven of the creepiest abandoned towns. Pripyat, Ukraine (The Chernobyl Disaster) April 26, 1986 spawned one of history’s most destructive nuclear explosions. Due to a flawed design of the […]

The Truth About Stanley Meyer and the Water Fuel Cell

If someone told you that they invented a water-powered car, you’d rightfully have your doubts. However, Stanley Meyer managed to garner a significant number of believers in his claim to have developed the “water fuel cell,” a device that, if retrofitted onto an automobile, could allegedly make its engine run solely on water. His untimely […]