Man Kidnapped By His Chinese Electric Car When It Began Driving Itself

MG ZS EV 1 - Chinese Electric cars

A Glasgow man got the shock of his life when his electric car began driving itself and could not be stopped or turned off. Brian Morrison was on his way home from work late at night, when his electric car, a $36,000 Chinese-made MG ZS EV, reportedly malfunctioned and began driving itself at a speed […]

Woman Ran Over By Cruise RoboTaxi In San Francisco

Man getting in a robot taxi

A woman is in critical condition after being found trapped underneath a driverless car in San Francisco on Monday night. Rescuers discovered the woman pinned under the Autonomous Vehicle’s left rear axle and utilized hydraulic rescue tools to free her, as per CBS News. The incident involved a Cruise robotaxi, which is being piloted exclusively […]

Dog Driving Car Stuns Cops After Incident On Traffic Camera

Dog Driving Car

A reckless driver was fined for a peculiar offense when a traffic camera captured his dog behind the wheel of a speeding vehicle. The dog was spotted going above the speed limit in the Slovakian village of Šterusy last week. The incident amused Slovakian police, who shared the news on social media. According to a […]

Dad Discovers Copperhead Snake In His Baby’s Stroller

copperhead snake

A Tennessee father recently had a shocking encounter when he discovered a copperhead snake had made its way into his baby’s stroller. The incident occurred after Tyler Maidlow had taken his nine-month-old daughter Ava Grace for a walk. In a video shared by his wife, Autumn Maidlow, Tyler can be seen visibly shaken by the […]

Watch Navy Anti-Aircraft Gun Hone In On Boeing 737 Passenger Plane

MK 15 Phalanx

A US Navy anti-aircraft system was observed taking aim at a passenger plane flying overhead, while sailors reprimanded the gun to stand down. The military MK 15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon System meticulously tracked a commercial plane using its formidable six-barrel 20mm cannon, leaving crew members yelling at it like a toddler about to run into […]