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Your Everyday Heroes features feel good videos about regular people who strive to make the planet a better place by dedicating their time, energy, and careers to spreading hope to others. Meet some of our featured heroes, including a volunteer youth boxing teacher, a reverend who preaches in a junkyard, a Broadway composer, and an […]

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Your Everyday Entertainment uncovers mind boggling mysteries, answers burning behind-the-scenes questions, and unearths undiscovered destinations; but when our readers need to see inspiring stories, our partner, Your Everyday Heroes, highlights the heartwarming tales of regular people who have an extraordinary impact on society. Your Everyday Heroes spotlights normal individuals that lead exceptional lives and positively […]

Will Kurt Warner’s Sons Play in the NFL?

Kurt Warner's Son

Kurt Warner is widely considered the greatest undrafted player in the NFL history, do either of Kurt Warner’s sons have the talent to play professional football. Kurt Warner is the first quarterback to lead his team to a Super Bowl title during his first season as a starter. He went on to play for 12 seasons, […]