Tiger King Joe Exotic Wants Big Bucks From Bengals QB To Help Him

Joe Burrow throwing pass in the endzone during Bengals vs Washington Football game

Joe Exotic pleads for help from Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow from one Tiger King to another. Exotic, the murderous big cat breeder whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has reached out to Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow in a letter, pleading for assistance in his ongoing quest to secure his release from prison. Exotic […]

Were The AI Robots At The Chargers-Dolphins Game Real?

Los Angeles Chargers Game

Who knew that AI robots were football fans? A group of AI robots invaded SoFi Stadium to watch the Los Angeles Chargers season opener against the Miami Dolphins and NFL fans were “spooked.” The Dolphins beat the Chargers in 36-34 nail biter during Week 1 of the NFL, but it was a group of four […]

Scientists Unveil Alien Corpses To Mexican Congress

fake alien corpse on metal table UFO news

A UFO investigator shocked lawmakers during a session of Mexican Congress, when he revealed the bodies of two ancient “alien” corpses. Journalist Jaime Maussan presented Mexican lawmakers on Tuesday, when he presented them with two mummified bodies in window boxes. The bodies, which he alleged to be non-human, were recovered from Cusco, Peru and have […]

Woman Claims Breastfeeding Her Husband Has Brought Them Closer

Woman Breasfeeding

An American woman admitted to breastfeeding her husband daily, but insisted that it’s not because they’re being kinky. Rachel Bailey, 30, shared in a YouTube video that she breastfeeds her husband, not only for the sake of intimacy but also for his health. This unconventional practice began in 2017 and has reportedly brought them closer […]

River Of Red Wine Flows Through Stunned Town

Pouring a glass of red wine

A river of red wine flooded the streets of a Portuguese town this week in a bizarre incident at a local distillery. Video footage from Anadia, Portugal, captured the stunning sight of wine cascading through the the narrow streets to create a wine soaked spectacle. The disturbance occurred when two wine storage units at Destilaria […]

156-Year-Old Intact Shipwreck Discovered In Lake Michigan

Trinidad shipwreck underwater

Two midwestern shipwreck hunters made a remarkable discovery in deep under the water of Lake Michigan. They found the intact remains of a schooner, named Trinidad, which sank in 1881. This well-preserved shipwreck is located miles from Wisconsin’s coastline, resting at a depth of about 270 feet. Wisconsin maritime historians, Brendon Baillod and Robert Jaeck, […]

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